The Cultural Marxist Conspiracy That All Of Your Teachers Knew About

In 1989 the teachers at Cameron Heights in Kitchener, Ontario, went to a PD meeting.

At the same time that communism was falling apart in Europe the Canadian government started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year.

In 1990 rap music suddenly went mainstream and blacks were very heterosexual.

To date AIDS has killed 30 million.

At the PD meeting they learned that Hollywood would begin to focus on the Holocaust and high school history classes would do the same thing.

The public thought that going on about Holocaust denial was a way to fight racism.

The teachers were told that boys with freckles are antagonized in grades two and three by girls. Teen girls are more gay positive than boys because they take their aggression out on boys who don't fit in in childhood. So high school would create a second childhood for boys with dark complexions where they would bully those who had freckles so that they'd eventually pay it forward and be gay positive later in life.

The teens involved in this weren't supposed to know what they were doing. If you have contempt for somebody because you view them as a loser you aren't doing anything wrong.

They took apart better looking boys with freckles and since they didn't think they were doing anything wrong found it amusing if the fatter ones acted gay.

20 years later teens now have LGBT meetings in school. Kids in those meetings think they're preventing bullying and have no idea what went on at their schools over the past 30 years.

Boys with normal features who have dark hair and eyes are largely ignored by girls in grade 3. Knowing that they didn't have anything to compensate for they sucked in their chest and realized Hitler was bad and became even more conservative.

And many of the kids who went on shooting sprees looked like they belonged at a Ron Paul convention, too...

I think Dylan Roof had a lot in common with the Ron Paul supporters because he probably wasn't willing to hang around with blond guys who were better looking than him and probably also thought that redheads were gay.
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