How The School Boards Extended Childhood Developmental Psychology To Turn Ontario Gay

In the 90s the Waterloo County School Board kept almost all of the blacks in remedial. After the homophobia created by AIDS America turned up the volume on black culture in 1990 and some white guys started acting black to be heterosexual. Those guys were all also in remedial: The males in advanced dressed like they were going to a Ron Paul convention.

All humans are attracted and repulsed to each other. Girls in kindergarten and grade 3 like boys. They like boys who are very perfect looking who have bright hair or blue eyes. They don't like boys with dark complexions and big noses.

And boys with brown hair and eyes and normal features are usually left alone by girls.

Everything about childhood developmental psychology was suppressed as society focused on fighting racism by going on and on about the Holocaust and Holocaust denial. With the homophobia created by AIDS males had a lot to compensate for.

Now that the population was being darkened what kind of boys do girls like when they were in grade 3? Boys that look like this...

And in high school what kinds of boys did Asians and South Asians have a great deal of respect for when they were 15? Boys that look like this...

All you had to do to be moral at my high school was realize that Hitler was bad and that the Germans gassed 9 million people in WW2. With the help of Steven Spielberg's movies South Asians were especially picked on as kids. As unattractive South Asian girls killed themselves, South Asian guys vented at their new found Nazi oppression. As rap music suddenly went mainstream fat black guys were quickly alienated from normal-looking black teens. Boys with freckles were the first to make friends with 1rst generation immigrants. With their new found morality kids took all of their frustrations out on them and payed it forward by letting uglier kids get away with anything.

From 1987 to 1997 the drug addicts in Kitchener, Ontario got younger and better-looking. That didn't have anything to do with the proliferation of crack cocaine here. It had everything to do with Hitler/Holocaust.

As boys made egotistical idiots out of themselves the girls knew that men had been Nazis and they let the boys who they had picked on in grade 3 rant and rage or have relationships with younger girls in lower grades. As the fewer skinny blond boys got more attention and became egotistical and vain the girls who had liked them in elementary school now had contempt for them.

The school boards needed good-looking boys to be openly gay to make homosexuality socially acceptable. A lot of unreported teen suicide went into making that possible.

How did you get gay positive? Was it by watching Seinfeld and Schindler's List while flooding the country with people from the 3rd World?
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