Dear Warren Kinsella

I want to start a new political party that'll get David Duke and Farakhan to work together.

When I was in high school 95% of the black kids were in remedial. Nobody knew because other schools that were whiter or blacker than mine produced more blacks going to university.

When AIDS became a thing they over medicated black kids with Ritalin to prevent them from showing up at high school and trying to get into university. It was all done so the school boards could produce Jian Ghomeshi and Naheed Nenshi. Where were the Slavic guys who were first generation immigrants who looked like them and were gay positive?

Realizing that the Holocaust happened and Germans did nothing to prevent it was important in getting normal-looking skinny teenage boys with brown and black hair to realize that they were never racist because they don't have anything to compensate for because they don't have freckles. And a lot of fat guys are gay positive today because they were so moral or because other guys wanted to sit in a classroom with them infront of  beautiful women.

So many good-looking boys with dark hair and freckles dead. And 70% of the gay redheads were the product of the devolution of their developmental psychology. But one redhead was smart enough to go to the University of Ottawa when it was still 94% white

AIDS homophobia meant conformity. I don't think a lot of boys that looked like Justin Bieber who had A averages listened to Run-DMC in the 1980s. Hollywood could make a movie about it to prove otherwise.

The purpose of the party will be to win an election and then gas the Hollywood Jews and educators with Zyklon-B. We'll leave regular Jews alone as they do not have jobs in Hollywood yet. And this time none of the gas will be used for delousing so future historians can't argue about what happened.

So are you in?
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