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Hitler/Holocaust was about extending childhood developmental psychology to boost certain types of people into university.

I was in high school when Seinfeld was a new show. In grade 10 my English teacher was black. I felt embarrassed that there wasn't a black person in the class.

The English class was advanced and the blacks (except for the ones with the highest averages) were kept in remedial.

It's hard for any of the students to articulate because every place has a different demographic. The biggest victims of Hitler/Holocaust were fat black guys, tiny black ones, skinny guys with dark hair/freckles. If you went to school with a lot of Asians you wouldn't have wanted to be an unattractive South Asian girl, a fat black girl, or an unattractive white girl with freckles.

Sometimes a few might get boosted if they met the right groups of people.

A fat black guy going to a whiter school or living in a whiter town would usually benefit from how rap music went mainstream in the 1990s.

Everything about childhood developmental psychology was repressed and watching TV made people think their own past was filled with infinite possibilities.

All kids with freckles go out and make friends with non-whites and a huge rate. The reason why...

The natural enemy of a redhead kid with blue eyes is anybody with green eyes. If I saw a kid that looked exactly like me with brown hair and green eyes and freckles all over his body I'd be nauseated. Girls are disgusted by boys so boys play it forward and backward. If a girl liked me for 3 minutes in grade 2 she'd turn around and hate me. But she'd also be disgusted with the green-eyed freckled boy more than me and it's that interaction which makes boys in grades 1 to 3 friends with each other.

Kids who are minorities take advantage of this and their first friends are boys with freckles at a school that's majority white.

The biggest reason I had a lot of good-looking blond friends is because people who are attracted to them were repulsed by me.

Some teachers were convinced that the students didn't know this. Thin boys with freckles have stronger developmental psychology than a guy who looks like Charlie Sheen. More than psychology the demographics around them, childhood antagonism, and who they hang around with determines what they act like.

By the time Hitler/Holocaust began the South Asians and some of the Asian guys at my school were tired of the types of people that reminded them of who they hung around with in elementary school.

Most of what happened happened on a subconscious level. When they Hitler/Holocaust a school the biggest racists and homophobes do well and they often take that energy and turn it into harassing one person. Since they are venting they aren't doing anything wrong so they pay it forward and backward, tearing apart a person with freckles and then being nice to another person with freckles. With multiple groups of people doing the same reality warps around the individual in question.

And that's how North America got gay. Thank you Asians for all looking the same and minorities in general for liking blonde hair more than I did.

Much of the homosexuality now a days can be attributed to the break down of childhood developmental psychology. In the '90s normal gay guys got disgusted and went to BC or joined the grunge movement. In America some of them went on shooting sprees.

This guy's problem was that he didn't interact much with blonds or boys with freckles growing up and he wanted a blond boyfriend but all he could get was a redhead or a black guy. Don't tell him I said that.
India has been described as the most racist country in the world. Blacks and Asians who have gone there have been given a hard time.

It's probably because the people who fit in in India are doing the racism.


Could somebody from the Waterloo School Board phone up Mr. Glebe and tell him that the Soviets didn't have the atomic bomb in WW2? And also call up Heesacker to remind him that he can go to the library and look up whether New Zealand went bankrupt in the 1980s. And that Paul Martins' first name is Paul and not Jean.

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