After Hitler/Holocausting POC And Teen LGBT Into Being, Salon Is Saying, 'What's With All The White Kids Going On Shooting Sprees?'

An article in Salon pointed toward all of the white male Protestants who've gone on shooting sprees.

Here's a screenshot of the list...

Salon is at war with the Protestants now!

Instead of just compiling a list for visual effect, they should do more research.

While the media made out that the Columbine Massacre was carried out by two Neo Nazis, one was of Jewish heritage and the other had been dating a Jew.

The Aurora Theater Massacre was carried out by a man who is now a Muslim so he can further associate himself with other nutcases while he's in prison...

Wikipedia says that Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) had previously attended a Catholic school which probably means he's Catholic and not Protestant.

Roseburg was carried out by somebody who could have been one of President Obama's sons...

Mixed race
The website Criminal Minds Wiki says that the man who carried out the San Ysidro shooting had attended a Catholic college.

And Wikipedia states that Charles Whitman, who carried out the Austin shooting, was from a devout Catholic family.

That's another piece of shoddy journalism from Salon.

For more info on why people go on shooting sprees stop reading Salon and check out my post on Seth Rogen.
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