AIDS: The Disease That Was Invented To Diversify America

Cultural Marxism is no friend to Blacks or Gays

The movies, 'Philadelphia,' and, 'Schindler's List,' both came out the same year.

Philadelphia has received a lot of attention from the media: I've often heard that it was the first big budget Hollywood film to deal with AIDS and homophobia.

When it's constantly referred to like this many people will believe that it was the very first movie to deal with those topics. It wasn't.

Why did Hollywood deserve accolades for waiting 12 years after AIDS became a news story to make a major production about it?

Now when I look at what conspiracy theorists are saying about AIDS on the internet, they're divided into two camps: That the government invented it to do away with Blacks and Gays or that it is really a harmless retrovirus and pharmaceutical companies are making millions fighting a disease that isn't there.

What, 'Philadelphia,' did was make it impossible for people to say that AIDS came about because some homosexuals were being too promiscuous. This had been a common argument in the 1980s.
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