Tom Hanks And Cultural Marxism

Northern Europeans have stronger developmental psychology because they look vastly different (especially as children) then other races. Some have dark hair, blond hair, red hair, freckles, green, blue, grey, black, brown eyes.

The fact that they have stronger developmental psychology was suppressed by educators.

It is through childhood antagonism that Europeans have become the most successful people on earth (and also the most social democratic).

When I was 8 we went on class trips to the theatre to see E.T. and Return of the Jedi.

E.T. is a movie about an ugly, disgusting foreigner who can't speak any English and a boy who helps him phone home.

Jedi is about a gay guy and his two gay robots: Being in love with and kissing your sister is pretty gay to an 8-year-old.

8-year-old boys with dark hair and freckles don't get along with girls at all. They like scaring girls who antagonize them and being friends with something like E.T. would do that. Meanwhile good-looking blond boys identify with Luke Skywalker.

People stopped having kids when Mary Tyler Moore was a popular show.

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