School: Turning Boys Into Vegtables

Here's a repost of a discussion on Reddit about this article: (Toronto) School Bans Tag:

 [–]macaroniinapan Purdue (Alumna/Staff)  
[–]macaroniinapan Purdue (Alumna/Staff)  
Wonderful point. Even as far back as that, society was pathologizing/criminalizing maleness, going so far as to drug it out of boys in schools they worked so hard to design for girls.

Not to say that ADD/ADHD isn't a real thing, but it got way too easy way too fast for boys to get that diagnosis and drugs for it, when in many cases it was just that schools were not taking their natural needs into account, supposedly with the goal of making it "safer" for girls to learn, I guess, though we wouldn't have used that terminology at the time.

The process of turning kids into vegetables started a long time ago, it seems. In more ways than one. If tag is deemed too dangerous, what ARE kids supposed to do?

Stay inside and play video games, I guess. And then adults get to shame them for childhood obesity and for being anti social - when it's the adults who've been scaring them away from playing outside and from speaking to other people IRL.
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