A Lot Of Death And Destruction Went Into When The School Boards Worked With Hollywood To Diversify Canada

I have the distinction of being the only person in Canada not to get brainwashed by the Jews.

At the risk of sounding anti-semitic I'd have to point out that I'm talking about the HOLLYWOOD Jews, not the regular, everyday Jews.

The start of a new decade was a big deal in the late 20th century. 1970 was the first year that homosexuals were seen on TV in a sympathetic light.

A few years after the rape scene in the 1972 movie, 'Deliverance,' America had openly gay teens and everyone was watching TV shows like, 'The Love Boat,' and 'Three's Company.'

Going to high school in the 1990s was such a nightmare that the movie, 'Schindler's List,' was timed to come out when people who had been teens in the '70s were now teaching school. Many of the teachers were even more brainwashed than the students!

Recently there was an article about University of New Brunswick Professor Ricardo Duchesne in the, 'Globe and Mail.'

In the comments section a, 'Toronto Star,' reader wrote...

We're still waiting for Duchesne to show up in Toronto to call black people stupid and demand a return to carding.

Carding black teens in high crime areas is an important issue because the Toronto Star says so.

In the 1990s the Waterloo County Board of Education did something called Streaming (or Tracking). It consisted of putting students in Advanced or General (Remedial).

In the past year I saw an article in the local paper calling streaming controversial. Whenever teachers or the media go on about it they make it sound as if it was a decision on the part of the school board when, in fact, streaming took place all across Ontario.

What was never an important issue for the Star was that there was a concerted effort on the part of the Waterloo School Board to keep all of the black in general. Only a handful of blacks with the highest averages were allowed in advanced.

In the early 1990s, when Hitler/Holocausting went into full swing, the suicide rate for blacks doubled.

As 1970 was the first year Americans saw gays on TV in a progressive light, in 1989/90, after all of the homophobia created by AIDS, blacks were suddenly super cool and heterosexual. All of this and more happened...

-Arsenio Hall's talk show went nationwide.

-In Living Color

-The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

-Public Enemy went mainstream

-Hip hop went mainstream

-Spike Lee became a household name

Starting in 1989 it was the secret policy of the Waterloo County Board of Education  to download the homophobia created by AIDS onto thin 14/15-year-old boys with dark hair and freckles.

Fat guys with dark hair and freckles did well for themselves as multiple groups of people payed it forward after they tore apart better looking boys with freckles.

As white people were conditioned to believe that they were innately racist and that spending hours going on about Holocaust denial and how All Germans knew the Holocaust was happening and did nothing to stop it would end racism, how many white kids did the school boards kill to formulate POC? Not to mention blacks or unattractive South Asian girls?

And now you know why Ontario's unionized NDP-supporting high school teachers send their kids to the whitest schools.

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