How Many Redheads Did Steven Urkel Kill?

Today I'm going to take you on a journey down memory lane. We are going back to the 1990s. In 1992 the internet was called CNN, Gillian Anderson was having some sort of lesbian affair with David Duchovny on one of those alien TV shows, Warren Kinsella was in a lab in a castle in Romania trying to reanimate a corpse to give Canada its next Liberal PM, and black people was real dumb and they were getting even dumber by the second!

Calling black people stupid might be considered racist but it was the official policy of Ontario's School Boards. Wherever blacks went to school in this province educators made sure that they came across looking dumb.

When 'Seinfeld' was the #1 show in America you didn't see a fat black guy wearing glasses on a high school campus which had a large Asian population. It had something to do with the coolest black guys coming to school with alarm clocks chained around their necks singing, "911's a joke."

In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. After all of the homophobia which was created by Aids blacks were made to be cool and heterosexual.

As fat black guys suddenly found themselves alienated from their former friends white people were conditioned to believe that blacks drop out of school cause white kids being racist again.

The Waterloo County School Board did something called, 'Streaming,' or, 'Tracking.' There was Advanced, General, and Basic. Exactly 98.5% of all black kids were in General (Remedial).

In Advanced fat, ugly white guys got to Grade 11 and suddenly became vibrant, beautiful creatures as they learned that the Holocaust was bad. As unattractive South Asian girls killed themselves, ugly South Asian boys found that they had a special affinity with Tupac Shakur while guys that looked more or less like Jian Ghomeshi got lucky with 14-year-old whites.

At the same time the Hollywood Jews came out with Steve Urkel to save fat black boys that were still in elementary school.

The coolest black guys thought that they got everything that they wanted in the 1990s with racism being over and all. Without the fat black guys to keep them in check they Milli Vanelli'd themselves into history. It's the breakdown of development psychology. It's like how I can sort of tell that Dylan Storm Roof probably didn't hang around with any blond guys who were better looking than him. Or redheads. Or guys with dark hair and freckles.

In the year 2000 Ontario ended streaming and a new generation of fat black guys entered high school laughing their heads off and going on and on about the better looking redheaded boy with freckles.

Some non-whites have a lot of contempt for ginger freaks because they know we have to flood Ontario with immigrants and  mix with them to get rid of Adolf Hitler for once and for all.

And every year or so someone does a study discovering that red hair will soon disappear.

Red hair is a recessive gene. It's also caused by pleiotrophy. The irony is that as everybody in European countries begins to mix and we keep mixing, 500 years from now, after blond hair disappears, the beautiful pretty boy in high school will eventually look exactly like me.

Here's a picture of my Iraqi cousin, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri...  

The moral of the story is that keeping the blacks all in general made them look dumb as the guys that graduated from my high school and went to the University of Waterloo looked like they belonged at a Ron Paul convention.

The guys in this photo are riding a high knowing they beat the racists in WW2. They sat in class with Asians and East Indians and two years after high school some of them thought that they had black friends because they watched too much TV.

I don't know how many skinny redheaded and boys with dark hair and freckles the school boards killed when they joined with Hollywood to Hitler/Holocaust teen LGBT into being after all of the homophobia AIDS had created. Most probably became crackheads or went insane.

In closure I would just like to add that Rick Mercer is a stupid faggot bitch.

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