Don't Commit Hate Crimes - You'll Only Create More Jian Ghomeshis

After the Paris attacks and the attacks in San Bernardino there has been an upsurge of harassment toward Muslim women wearing the burka.

As a redheaded male who went to school with a lot of Asians I am familiar with the murdering ways of the Waterloo County Board of Education. When I was in high school in the 1990s more than a few teachers would suddenly point out for no related reason: "The reason that the media doesn't report on teen suicide is because the want to discourage copycats."

If you have contempt for another person you're not doing anything wrong; You're asserting yourself.

Stephen Spielberg created a lot of racism in the 1980s.

In the '80s and '90s students tormented unattractive South Asian girls and paid it forward by letting the men who were born in Canada and spoke perfect English get away with a lot. After all of the homophobia created by AIDS the school boards needed to create doctors and computer science majors with dark complexions who have empathy and are gay positive to show Canadians mass immigration actually works.

Now I will return to writing my next blog post, epic in literary stature, entitled: 'How Heather Mallick Caused All Wars."

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