Dalton McGuinty Wrote A Book

It's likely that the book is even more boring than the actual Dalton McGuinty. It would be nice if the publisher printed it on plastic to best represent Dalton's personality.

It is called, 'Making A Difference,' and probably details how he painstakingly transformed Ontario into a have not province. Before everyone found out about all of the scandals he stepped down, giving us Ontario's first lesbian premiere. This confused all of the people who had been homophobes in 2005 as they began to vote for her to congratulate themselves on how mature they were.

I was in NDP Youth for a year. One of the reasons I joined is because I didn't want the next premiere of Ontario to be from Ottawa. They should have gotten somebody from Windsor or Thunder Bay. I even went door to door in his riding with flyers in hand. But now I want somebody like RamZPaul or Donald Trump to be the next premiere of Ontario.

Dalton made me support the NDP.  He is sick and twisted.

I do not recommend reading his book. For a more cerebral experience check out, 'The Pigeon Needs a Bath.'

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