Answering Hatemail: I Got Told (DarkAlleyDan)

"OK, I'll respond once, but then I'm totally out of this "conversation". 

1) Nobody engages or argues with you for the same reason people don't engage or argue with houseplants, or infants, or crazy-rant-on-the-streetcorner-guy. You don't make sense when you talk. There's no basis for engagement. I could say anything and you'll fly into a tangent about evil redheaded Churchill or some other foolishness. 

2) Being picked on in high school happens. Most get past it. Some don't. Strive to be the former. 

3) There is no concerted government / educational / media effort to turn northern European males gay. Sweater, old bean, I fear for your mental health. Talk to someone about your theories who is willing to help you. Listen to them. Act on what they recommend. Ranting on the internet doesn't change anything and isn't helping anyone, especially you. Jesus, man, get help."

Maybe he's right. I've written entire blogs, harassed Warren Kinsella on the internet without getting sued, and, is the reason educators have never engaged me on Twitter is because they are scared I'll fly off into a tangent about evil redheaded Churchill?

In the past everything happens by coincidence and, 'Bullying,' is not a buzzword to cover up projection and transference.

At the end of the day if a 10-year-old transvestite gets beaten up in Spokane the school boards will use it as an excuse to kill off some white students in Wichita. They'll be from poorer families so nobody will care.

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