Breaking: Thomas Mulcair Is Still A Thing In Canadian Politics

While everybody knows that white males are terrorists and a security risk to the United States, Justin Trudeau has acted like Stephen Harper in deciding not to let single Muslim men into the country when he begins to flood Canada with Syrians.

After losing the last election Thomas Mulcair has probably hit the bottle pretty hard. After pawning off his TV set it isn't easy for him to keep up to date with what's going on in Europe.

While the unionized high school teachers who support Mulcair send their kids to the whitest schools around, he would like even more Muslim refugees. He'd take single men, too.

Fuck you, Thomas Mulcair. Fuck you.

The Guardian: Trudeau tells Canadians to reject racism as opposition to refugee plan grows 

Huffington Post:  Mulcair: Lone Syrian Men Shouldn't Be Excluded From Refugee Plans
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