Attention Western Canada: This Is What Somebody From Ontario Thinks Of You...

I read this paragraph in a blog:

(It's at the end of the post).

And finally, to the fucking numbskulls out west who think they can secede. No, you fucking can’t. Confederation is not going to be rewritten just so you perennial wankers can finally feel superior to Ontario — or Québec. If the Bloc Québécois couldn’t saw off a populous province, what makes you think you stand a chance? You’re sitting in a mostly-empty chunk of land, talking bullshit out of a mostly-empty skull. You are losers for a reason, and that reason is that you don’t represent a majority of Canadians even in your own patch of dirt. In more than a hundred years, you haven’t had a fresh or original idea amongst the lot of you. You just vote for the right-wingers because that’s what your great-great-grandpa did. You don’t deserve to win, and you don’t deserve your own damn country, either:

So there. Pierre Trudeau himself couldn't have put that any better.

Why do they let girls blog, anyway? She should be on Tumblr hearting pics of kittens and Justin Bieber.

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