HIV/AIDS Was No Accident

Some people think that 9/11 was an inside job. Some people think that the Apollo moon landing was staged. And others think that AIDS is a man-made disease...

It's like every decade in the late 20th Century had it's own theme. 1970 was the first year that gays were seen on sitcoms. Almost every major TV show in the '70s dealt with LGBT topics.

The 1980s were ultra-conservative as a backlash to the freewheeling '70s. The 1980s were ultra-conservative in reaction to AIDS.

After all of the homophobia a flu-like virus that was killing gays created, by 1990 journalists toned down their coverage of it. And 1990s sitcoms portrayed a world where people were gay and there wasn't any homophobia.

More than anything else these TV shows effected the thinking of teen boys.

1970 was the first years homosexuals appeared on TV shows in a sympathetic light. In 1990 blacks went from being moderately cool to ultra cool. With all the new attention black teens suddenly alienated other blacks who didn't fit in. After all of the homophobia AIDS had created blacks were suddenly very heterosexual.

I had a very Eurocentric education. For some reason we never learned anything about countries like India or what Natives lived like before Europeans arrived here. Then, by high school, people in advanced were hit by easy bird classes about the Holocaust while TV and movies went on about the same thing. White guys with dark hair and eyes became increasingly conservative and with Seinfeld and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on TV everything was a joke.

Ron Paul was very popular with a lot of college kids. Ron Paul supporters are people who wanted to keep America white. Try to find a college-aged Ron Paul supporter with blue or green eyes...

Unlearning racism by spending hours going on about Nazis seemed to make sense at the time. In reality what was happening is that all of the homophobia that was created by AIDS was being downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair and freckles when they started high school in grade 9 or 10. With multiple groups of people doing variations of the same thing things were impossible to articulate.

"...In the 1970s when sex was safe."

If people engage in anal sex there's an exchange of blood. You should go back in time to Paris in the 1920s and tell them you're going to spend the next year engaging in anal sex with lots of multiple partners and they'll probably tell you you'll get some new, strange disease and die.

Isn't it strange how the movie Philadelphia came out the same year as Schindler's List?

For every Aids patient in Germany or Sweden there were six more in America. Here's the reason why:

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My reply...

I was in high school in the 1990s in Ontario, Canada. I had a very Eurocentric education and then, starting in grade 11, was hit by easy classes about the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, videos of Jews being genocided.

Thin guys with dark eyes and hair became increasingly conservative.

There wasn't anybody who was openly gay at my high school. Teachers sent their kids to the whitest schools around.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created they started Hitler/Holocausting students.

Many kids freckle in grade 3. Kids with freckles would rather hang around with minorities than other kids with freckles at first. In grade 3 it's worse than having bad acne in high school.

All of the homophobia created by AIDS was downloaded onto better looking guys with freckles. Boys with Justin Bieber's complexion can't do the Holocaust because they don't have anything to compensate for.

In the 1990s many teachers would say that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. Now, within the past 5 years, they've started (in Canada) reporting on gay teens killing themselves.

In 20 years Europeans will be a minority in Ontario. Homophobia is what did it.

As for blacks:
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