#RacismIsntFunny: Social Justice Warriors, Jews, And Nazis Are

Let's sit in a university lecture hall and get all emotional about how 1000s of native girls have gone missing over the past 40 years.

Then students can get all worked up and take everything that's going on in their heads and project it all onto somebody else.

It's like in the 1980/90s how popular kids (including girls) would make fun of Sikhs and unattractive South Asian girls and then, by high school, get all moral. The Holocaust is pretty important because there aren't any orthodox Jews in my city for kids to ridicule and no blond, redheaded, or freckle-faced boys who supported Hitler.

There are thousands of Afghans on death row in Iran but that isn't racism because Iranians and Afghans all look alike. Black tribes who aren't indigenous to the Congo have been genociding Pygmies for years and nobody cares because black people all look the same. 

How many boys with freckles and unattractive South Asian girls the school boards killed to create Jian Ghomeshi?

In Calgary the mayor is a Muslim named Naheed Nenshi. He's popular and very gay positive. When Nenshi was in grade 3 and when he was in junior high school the best-looking boy that he was friends with had brown hair and freckles. I must be psychic to know this.

When Nenshi graduated from high school Seinfeld was a new show and, if you were gay, there's no way you'd even be able to tell your neighbor about it.

None of you people believed in gay marriage 15 years ago. You cared about registering sex offenders.

Now that Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister I've completely lost it.

I'm starting the Nazi Party of Canada.

Offensive? Warren Kinsella doesn't have to worry about it: The Nazi Party of Canada will be more of a joke party that pokes fun at how the Holocaust never happened.

It looks like Anne Frank died of Allied saturation bombing...

I'm not denying the Holocaust. Not in this sentence. While Anne Frank died of typhus 599 999 999 other Jews were gassed.

I'm not trivializing the Holocaust. My dad died when I was 9 and my mom is a schizophrenic who was a little girl in Nazi Germany. There isn't any history of schizophrenia in my mom's family. It looks like my life was directly effected by WW2. Then stuff like this started to happen.

I'm not trivializing the Holocaust because the school board already did.

To make sure that Europeans would quickly become minorities in North America they extended childhood developmental psychology to boost certain groups into university.

All of the homophobia surrounding AIDS was very important to make this happen. It looks like you liberals who went to high school in the 1970s killed more people than Josef Stalin!

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