Ezra Levant On Last Night's Election...

So how bad was last night’s election?

In some ways it was a disaster. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have 184 seats in Parliament — a strong majority. He has the media in the palm of his hand. Our courts are stuffed with liberal judges, and opinion leaders in universities and NGOs are in love with him.

On the other hand, Trudeau only received 39.5% of the vote — and only because the NDP vote collapsed in the last week. Despite total name recognition, a fawning media and advisors flown in from Barack Obama’s campaign team, he couldn’t crack 40%. And the Conservatives — despite the voter fatigue of having been in office for nearly ten years — still got 32% of the vote. The triumphalism at the CBC hides the fact that their Trudeaumania isn’t universal.

But a majority in Parliament is still a powerful thing. And Trudeau’s plans for taxing and spending are on top of Kathleen Wynne’s plans in Ontario and Rachel Notley’s in Alberta. Canadian taxpayers are in for some tough times.

Here’s three videos I’d like to share with you...

1)  Here's my video about the  WINNERS

2) Here's my video about the LOSERS

3) An election summary from the new Rebel STUDIO

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