Breaking: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair Is Married To A Jew!

Shocking news about the NDP leader. After spending months trying to learn his name, I saw it somewhere and cut and pasted it into the search bar. It took me to Wikipedia which said that Mulcair is married to a Jew.

I'm still unsure when Mulcair and Sacha Baron Cohen tied the knot. You'd think that would be more widely reported in the mainstream press but you heard about it here first.

Will Jewish influence help Mulcair become Canada's first Prime Minister with hair growing out of his forehead?

Back in the 1980s/90s/2000s when educators were killing skinny boys with dark hair and freckles to get a blond pretty boy to say that he was gay to make homosexuality acceptable to the perverts with 87+ averages, was it all  for this?


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