Who To Vote For In This Fall's Election

The current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is counting on your vote. A thoroughly mediocre PM, he offers to lead a government that's less awful than all of the other alternatives. As a conservative he promises to continue to flood the country with hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year but with a stern look on his face.

Todd Mulcair, the leader of the NDP has a shot of becoming the next PM. God knows why. Since Canadians are having difficulty remembering his name, many have started to refer to him as the guy who works for Olivia Chow. If elected Todd promises to fight for Quebec sovereignty when speaking in French while assuring Anglophones that he's a federalist when speaking in English.

Elizabeth May is also a contender. If she becomes Prime Minister she plans to run the country using faeries and pixie dust.

Those are your three choices as to who becomes the next PM. There is absolutely nobody else aside from these three people who have any chance of getting elected.

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