John Furr: The Perverts That Call Themselves Ontario Teachers. Part 3

I've been blogging on the topic for a year now.

Nobody from the school boards or any teacher has come forth to deny that what I'm saying isn't true.

In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. Blacks went from being moderately cool to being super cool. In the early '90s the suicide rate for black youth went up 50% and 25% for whites.

And Hitler/Holocausting students wherever Asians went to school went into full effect.

One of the reasons that Ontario turned gay so quick after all of the homophobia created by AIDs is because if guys who think that they fit in are attracted to the best looking blond guy they can take it out on the best looking redhead by ranting and raging or figuring out that the redhead wants up their ass because he wants to trade places with them because they fit in. And in remedial white gangsta rappers and guys with CK shirts and gold chains don't like good-looking guys with dark hair and freckles.

The Waterloo County School Board used the word, 'Boosting.' White guys with dark complexions and Arabs or South Asians who grew up in Canada got off on Hitler/Holocaust and now have to play it forward by being gay positive. Here are some pics of what the guys they were boosting looked like...

Teachers who had taught in the 1970s thought that the whole process was like recreating the social change that occurred during the Vietnam War. We'll see about that as Ontario becomes an Arabic/South Asian province.

At least the climax of it all is that that bitch Heather Mallick got to write an article.

Hopefully I've curtailed my internet BFF Warren Kinsella from suing people as he wonders if blacks are allowed on buses in Toronto.
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