John Furr: Ontario's Perverted Teachers Part 2

Our internet friendship doesn't seem to be going anywhere, John Furr. You seem to have accidentally blocked me on Twitter.

When I was in high school there was a Heesaker, a Glebe, and a Currie.

Currie was an art teacher. By grade 11 to 13 there were a lot of bird classes taught by men: Heesaker and Glebe taught some of those.

If you went to university you'll meet a lot of women who want to become teachers. Few men who are undergraduates dream of becoming a high school teacher. Many men end up at teacher's college by accident.

I was a Young Liberal. Heesaker is the only teacher who I could say for sure supported the Reform Party.

I disagreed with Heesaker on whether New Zealand went bankrupt in the 1980s and about how there'd be an eventual war with Quebec.

In Glebe's class, World Issues, we were having a class discussion on why the Soviets didn't drop the A-bomb on Germany in 1945. I didn't want to say anything because if you question the teacher's wisdom in a bird class they'll give you a D. But a girl put up her hand and asked: "Why do the Americans make Stalin out to be so bad when he never used nuclear weapons on Germany."

I said: "I don't know when the Soviets had there first A-bomb but it was probably in 1948 or 1952."

Glebe started repeating: "I'd like to see documentation on that. I'd like to see documentation on that," so I got pissed off and said: "Remember the Rosenbergs?"

I noticed the art teacher Currie would walk around the school. I'd see a 14-year-old with brown hair and freckles who'd look depressed and his face would be red as if he had a fever. Currie would glare at him, trembling in rage.

Ontario's teachers just aren't smart enough to pull off a Zionist-Marxist-Zionist-LGBT-Marxist conspiracy with their friends in Hollywood.

Both Heesaker and Glebe gave me a, 'D.' In contrast I took Prof. Jose Huertas-Jourdas class in Existentialism in Laurier and received an, 'A.'

Huertas-Jourdas' class differed from the bird classes at CHCI in that you have to actually read the text book.

All of the easy classes from grade 11 to grade 13 (many which were about Hitler/Holocaust) were obviously designed so that guys who fit in would feel secure and then flip out when they went to university as the demographics changed around them.

Heesaker was teaching a class in economics and he kept referring to Paul Martin as, 'Jean Martin.' When he'd say it he'd do it in a French accent. Once he was going on about how he read an article about how many of the top military brass were French and how there'd be an eventual civil war.

I put up my hand and said that Quebec isn't going to seperate but even if they do that's no reason to turn Canada into the former Yugoslavia.

I have red hair and I was also a very beautiful teenaged boy. There two redheads in my graduating class: One was fat and one was a scrawny little guy with glasses who breathed through his mouth. The valedictorian of my high school was obese with green eyes and brown hair who was covered with boils. The normal looking guys in my economics class were a bunch of Reform Party whack jobs,

Did Heesaker understand that the reason Ontario's now gay positive is because I thought that I was a big hot shot who had an IQ of 40 who didn't make sense when I talked and when I got to university I fell flat on my face and made a fool of myself?

When I was in high school an Asian guy would suddenly say to me, "Are you going back to Russia to marry a fat naked woman who's pulling a tractor out of the mud," and the scrawny little redheaded guy would laugh and laugh.

Hitler/Holocaust meant that the suicide rate went up 50% for blacks and 25% for whites. If teachers were involved in kids killing themselves and becoming crack heads so that boys that look like this

can learn empathy for gays than, for what the Allies did in Nuremberg, shouldn't we have trials and hang them all?

PS - I'm no longer a Young Liberal.

The best looking guy in my Economics class was Jason Cumming  who's probably at CNBC in England. If you phone him up and ask him he'll probably get sick to his stomach and hang up.

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