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When I was in high school in the 1990s more than a few teachers would say that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. Then, in university, profs would say that LGBT youth have the highest suicide rate.

In the past four years the media has started reporting on a few select cases. There were two different redheaded boys that killed themselves. One an openly gay 15-year-old in Ottawa. In America a nerdy-looking redhead threw himself off of a bridge after being filmed having sex with another male by his brown roommate.

The movie, 'Schindler's List,' had nothing to do with unlearning racism. Students in Kitchener in the 1990s thought that the Germans gassed 9 million people and had factories set up to turn their bodies into lampshades and soap. Easy classes about the Holocaust was about creating harassment to eventually formulate LGBT in schools as boys with dark complexions sucked in their chest and got moral knowing that they'd never Holocaust anybody: With teachers inflating the marks of pretty white women, they harassed better-looking boys with red or dark hair and freckles and played it forward by liking fat, ugly guys.

I saw a pic of beautiful pretty boy on the internet a while ago...

The Waterloo County School Board used the term, 'boosting.' This pic is an example of what the type of student they were boosting looked like.

When I was in high school they were boosting guys with dark complexions, South Asians and secular Arabs who were born in Canada, and fat guys.

There's little doubt that in 1998 or 2005 a father who had a son that looked like the above picture was in the office of a high school saying who's this redheaded kid who wants to fuck my son's bum because he wants to trade places with him because he's so beautiful?

Within the next 20 years Northern Europeans will be minorities in Ontario.

Right back at you, Ontario teachers. Right back at you.

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