I Have Regular Readers At The Simcoe County School Board!

As you know Hitler/Holocausting students has nothing to do with unlearning racism. In the early 1990s the suicide rate for black teens went up 50% and 25% for whites.

All of the homophobia that was created by AIDs which was floating around was downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair and freckles. And you worked in conjunction with your friends in Hollywood to do this.

At CHCI (in Kitchener) in the mid-nineties they were allowing guys to stay in school for seven years. This pissed off teachers and diverted attention away from how South Asians and average-looking white guys were involved with 14-year-olds.

All of this was done so that Warren Kinsella could see the vibrancy of mass immigration from downtown Toronto.

Kitchener, like a lot of other towns, suffered from urban decay in the 1980s/90s. Once you Hitler/Holocausted some openly gay students out it was around the same time wealthier white people were returning to the downtown core.

Did you enjoy killing off students so that guys with dark complexions would gradually learn empathy for homosexuals?

Boys did enjoy sitting in easy classes with blond girls learning about how they beat the racists in WW2. People were so brainwashed in the 1990s that nobody even knew that the war criminal Winston Churchill had red hair or that many of the millions of Jews that died of typhus as a result of the hellstorm he rained down upon Germany, were also redheads.

We need a change of government. After what the Allies did in Nuremberg we should have trials and have educators say: "We were just following orders," and then hang them all.

After fat black guys were turfed out of high school in 1989/90 when they were suddenly alienated by the cooler black guys, was Steve Urkel eventually successful in getting the gayest fat black guys into Computer Science at the U of W? After all, the first fat white guys came out of the closet going on and on about somebody else.

White people are so stupid that they paid taxes in the 1980s so that you could extend childhood psychology to make sure that non-whites would be supercharged into university, driving their kids crazy, causing them to become crackheads, or killing themselves.

20 million people have died of AIDs worldwide. It is a peculiar disease as in 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture making blacks seem very heterosexual to 14-year-old white boys. And at the same time it became the policy of the Waterloo County School Board to boost boys with dark complexions off of boys with dark hair and freckles and redheads, thus creating the harassment which would eventually lead to teenaged LGBT.

In conclusion I would like to say, 'Fuck you,' and add that Heather Mallick is a stupid bitch.
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