How Ontario Got Gay

-The idea that 90% of men are straight and 10% are gay started to gain ground in the 1950s.

-In the 1980s high school became increasingly easy and history classes centered on WW2.

-After the fall of communism the Mulroney government started to let in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year.

-In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. Blacks went from being moderately cool to being ultra cool. The suicide rate for black youth went up 50% in America in the early 1990s.

-White people are conditioned to believe that when blacks drop out of school it’s because of white people being racist. Instead the cooler black guys alienated the ones that didn’t fit in.

-Black suicide was no doubt used as an excuse within the school boards to continue Hitler/Holocausting students.

-If you went to high school when the show Seinfeld was new I doubt that there was a fat black guy in any of your classes.

-The high school that I went to (in the 1990s) was CHCI in Kitchener. While educators boasted that white students (in advanced) benefit from sitting in class with high achieving Asians, teachers who taught at CHCI sent their kids to the whitest schools there were.

-In 1989/90 it was the secret policy of the Waterloo County School Board that all of the homophobia created by AIDs would be downloaded onto skinny guys with dark hair and freckles or redheads. The repetition of learning about how the Germans murdered millions of Jews and the population of Germany knew that it was happening and did nothing to stop it caused guys who fit in or think they fit in to suck in their chest and realize that they’d never holocaust anybody because they don’t have anything to compensate for. This happened at schools with larger Asian populations. The school boards worked in conjunction with Hollywood to do this.

-Many teachers pointed out that the media doesn’t report on teen suicide because they don’t want to encourage copycats. In university many profs pointed out that LGBT youth have the highest suicide rate.

-The movie ET was popular with boys that don’t fit in with girls in the 1980s. It was released in theaters twice and downtown elementary schools sent 8-year-olds to see it. It’s a movie about an ugly, disgusting foreigner that can’t speak English and a boy who helps him phone home. It encouraged boys with dark hair and freckles to make new friends. Later boys who fit in didn’t like being morally upstaged by the boys with freckles. The bug eating scene in Indiana Jones caused girls to be racist toward South Asians: They played it forward by letting guys that looked like Jian Ghomeshi get away with anything by high school. Accused of making a racist movie, Spielberg came out with, ‘Schindler’s List,’ at a time when bird classes were all about the holocaust.

-All of the homophobia AIDs caused was very important to make this all work. Attracted to the best looking boy that looked like Justin Bieber but with blond hair, guys in remedial dressed up like gangsta rappers or in CK shirts with gold chains and realized that the boy that looked like Bieber but with green eyes and freckles didn’t fit in anymore.

-With multiple groups of guys who were often oblivious to each other going on and on about one guy it made it difficult for the victim to articulate.

-The holocaust taught at my high school was all about the Jews. There was never anyone getting worked up or emotional, or any videos about the persecution of homosexuals in WW2. So soon after the homophobia created by AIDs, where did you learn to have empathy for gays if you fit in? From watching Seinfeld? I suppose in 1970 when homosexuals first appeared on sitcoms guys who looked like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber said, “This is so cool: Now society is going to get gay positive,” since they fit in because of the way that they looked and, therefor, didn’t have anything to compensate for.

-Hitler/Holocaust had nothing to do with unlearning racism. It was about extending childhood psychology to boost certain minorities and white guys with dark complexions into university. The valedictorian of my high school was incoherent, obese, and covered in boils. There were two redheads that were in my graduating class: A fat one and a scrawny little one who breathed through his mouth. Guys were interested in going on about the better-looking redhead and since they weren’t doing anything wrong they had to feel sorry for the types of guys that looked like they would have been killed by the Nazis.

Ontario’s Perverted Teachers???

-Teachers found it amusing that boys with dark hair and freckles from poorer families and C averages would get their brains scrambled with so many different people suddenly having contempt for them.

-Especially the younger male teachers  knew exactly what they were doing. They found it funny that when you Hitler/Holocaust a high school there’s very few good-looking guys with freckles or good-looking blond men graduating and going to university. At the U of Waterloo in the late 1990s guys with dark complexions and fat guys were overestimating how good-looking they were while blond guys were becoming repulsed by the attention they were getting.

-Ron Paul was incredibly popular at US colleges. And it appears that every single one of his younger followers was a skinny guy with a dark complexion.

-Dylan Roof took a lot of shirtless pictures of himself. Somehow I think that he didn’t have any blond friends who were better looking than him.
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