How Heather Mallick Caused High School Bullying

Once writing about a teen suicide, Heather Mallick mentioned that when the victim was in junior high school he tried out for figure skating and was attacked by other boys who tried to stuff batteries down his throat.

In grade 3 the social outcast is usually a boy. By grade 7 it's often a girl from a poorer family. Popular girls have a lot of say over who is bullied.

What most 8-year-old boys know is that little girls are crazy and sadistic. The reason boys in junior high school would attack another boy for trying out for figure skating is because they are reassuring themselves that they are normal after all of the things girls did to them in elementary school.

Boys in grade 3 are the biggest sufferers of, 'Microaggressions.' at the hands of little girls.

By the time I was in university I saw that girls found guys being gay was something they found incredibly cute. It's because they worked off all of their aggression when they were younger.

If you're a woman who's very left-wing it means you were a complete bitch when you were little.

Ofcourse, the school boards already knew this but suppressed it to cause teen suicide so that over the course of 25 years people would gain empathy for homosexuals.

I'm going to start a grassroots movement. All across the country people will be waving signs which read: 'Heather Mallick is a stupid bitch.'

Justin Trudeau is a spaz. Rick Mercer is a fag. Stephen Harper is a cuckservative. Aaaaalllllllll weeeeee aaaaaaaarrrre ssssaaaaayyyyyying is that Heather Mallick is a stupid bitch. Aaaaaallll weeee aaaaarrrre ssssaaaaayyyyying is that Heather Mallick is a stupid bitch. Everybody now...

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