'Facing History And Ourselves' Caused Teen Suicide

'Facing History and Ourselves,' is a non-profit organization in the United States, founded in 1976. The group develops educational material on prejudices and injustice in American and European society, with a focus on Nazi Germany and The Holocaust. The organization is based in Brookline, Massachusetts with 180 staff members in the main office and in other U.S. states.

In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. As blacks went from being moderately  cool to being ultra cool, they alienated the blacks that didn't fit in. The suicide rate for black youth doubled.

As society and history classes focused more and more on the holocaust, with educators pushing the idea that all Germans were willing participants in it, boys sucked in their chests and realized that, if they fit in they had nothing to compensate for so they wouldn't holocaust anybody. And girls knew that the bullies and racists when they were 12 were boys.

In 1989/90 it became the secret policy of the Waterloo County School Board that all of the homophobia that had been created by AIDs would be downloaded onto boys with dark or red hair and freckles. Students played it forward: Teachers of bird classes inflated the marks of pretty white girls so that boys who fit in wanted to sit in class with fat guys or uglier redheads to make themselves look good infront of the women. White boys with dark complexions became increasingly conservative.

The suicide rate for white youth went up 25% in the early 1990s.

Posing as a teacher I sent this message to, 'Facing History And Ourselves,' two weeks ago. Surprisingly, they still haven't gotten back to me...


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