Your School Board Killed Kids

After the fall of communism, the Mulroney government started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants and the Hitler/Holocausting of students began. In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. After all of the homophobia created by AIDs boys who were attracted to guys that looked like Justin Bieber but with blond hair dressed up like gangsta rappers or put on gold chains and CK shirts and tore apart boys that looked like Bieber but had freckles. Thus the LGBT movement was on its way as average looking boys sucked in their chest and realized that since they fit in because of the way that they look, they wouldn't gas 9 million and turn their bodies into lampshades.

People were so brainwashed that nobody even knew that the war criminal Winston Churchill was a fat, ugly ginger freak and that many of the millions of German Jews that died of typhus because of his Allied saturation bombing were also ginger. Maybe Churchill killed all of those people because he had way too much to compensate for.

In 1989 it was the secret policy of the Waterloo County School Board that boys with dark complexions would have a second childhood, learning to be gay positive later in life by working all of their aggression off of better looking boys who had freckles or the better looking boy who had red hair. I think it's what the government calls, 'Multiculturalism.' I also made internet BFF forever with Warren Kinsella so you should go ask him about it.

The school boards use the term boosting and all of this occurred at schools with larger Asian populations.

Educators are famous for pointing out that white kids benefit from sitting in class with high achieving Asians when the teachers who taught at my school sent their kids to the whitest high schools that there were.

As good-looking boys with freckles killed themselves, many teachers would point out that the media doesn't report on teen suicide as not to encourage copycats. Now, within the past four years, they've began to report on gay teens killing themselves.

Today gay kids in school think that they have LGBT meetings to prevent teen suicide!

Now let's take a look at what the students who were getting boosted looked like...

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