Waterloo County District School Board, Huron County Board Of Education, Simcoe County District School Board

The school boards have been reading my blogs!

Basically this blog is satire which pokes fun at how nobody knows the name of the leader of the NDP. I've also expanded into harassing Warren Kinsella.

But the unsatirical part of my blog is how LGBT was Hitler/Holocausted into existence in high schools.

In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture and as blacks went from being moderately cool to being ultra cool, they alienated blacks that didn't fit in. There's no doubt that the high drop out rate and suicide of blacks was used as an excuse to continue Hitler/Holocausting white students as people were conditioned to believe that blacks dropping out was because of white racism.

In 1989/90 it was the secret policy of the Waterloo School Board that all of the homophobia that had been exasperated because of the AIDs epidemic would be downloaded onto boys with with dark hair and freckles who were good-looking or normal looking.

Since the 1950s the idea that 90% of men were straight and 10% were gay had grown. This coupled with the increased homophobia of the time made it impossible for the victims of this to define what was happening in words.

Educators didn't care as many of the boys were from poorer families.

Hitler/Holocaust was about extending childhood psychology. Boys with dark complexions were to eventually gain empathy for homosexuals on a subconscious level by antagonizing boys with freckles, blonds, and redheads.

The school boards worked in conjunction with Hollywood to do this. The movie ET, which was shown to us when I was in grade 3, is about a boy who helps an ugly foreigner who can't speak English phone home: It encouraged boys who didn't fit in to make new friends. Then by high school boys who did fit in would have contempt for those who had morally upstaged them. The bug eating scene in Indiana Jones caused girls to have contempt for South Asians. Then the movie, 'Schindler's List,' came out as students were sitting in easy classes learning about how the Germans knew that the Holocaust was going on but did nothing to prevent it.

In America the suicide rate for blacks went up 50% for teens and 25% for whites. Teachers often said: "The reason they don't report on teen suicide is to discourage copycats." Recently, in the past 5 years, this has changed as the school boards Hitler/Holocausted some openly gay teens willing to kill themselves...

If the school boards have to spend 25 years driving students crazy and causing suicide to create empathy, is it even normal for teens to be openly gay in the first place?

As educators point out that white students benefit from sitting in class with high-achieving Asians, teachers at CHCI in the 1990s would send their kids to the whitest schools.

As boys found themselves attracted to the best-looking blond guy and figured out that the best-looking redhead was gay, it made it possible for many others to score with girls 3 to 5 years younger than them.

As boys with an A average who resembled Justin Bieber or a skinny Charlie Sheens became increasingly conservative (ie, see the Ron Paul supporters in America), the people that really profited from all of this were South Asians and fat guys.

It was important for the school board to Hitler/Holocaust doctors and engineers that looked like Jian Ghomeshi or Rahim Jaffer who were gay positive and cared about black people to show Canadians that multiculturalism actually worked.

In conclusion I'd like to say fuck you you fucktards at the Waterloo County Board of Education.
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