University Of New Hampshire Releases Guide Book On Non-Discriminatory Speech

The University of New Hampshire has a, 'Bias-Free Language Guide.'

It contains the fact that saying, "Dogs smell funny," to a blind person is a micro-assault, verbal attack. Saying that the new foreign student is having language challenges is a micro-invalidation. Both of these examples are forms of aggression. (Update: It looks like they just deleted it so the link is from the Waybackmachine).

In other news there are still thousands of Afghans on death row in Iran on petty drug charges. This can't be considered racism by University of New Hampshire intellectuals because Iranians and Afghans all look the same. It's like how Putin clamping down on offering LGBT literature to minors was a scandal in the wake of the Olympics in Sochi when nobody cared about encouraging the gay movement in China when the Olympics had been in Beijing a few years earlier.

Now, in remembrance of all of the redheaded boys and boys with dark hair and freckles who were killed by the school boards when they Hitler/Holocausted LGBT into being, I'm going out to find a foreign student to ask them if they are having language challenges. I wonder if that will make them cry and go back to whatever country that still has human slavery or the plague that they came from.
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