The Confederacy Of Frivolous Human Rights Complaints!

(National Post) A Saskatchewan man says he filed a human rights complaint because negative media coverage of the Confederate flag debate is discriminatory and promotes hatred.

Dale Pippin’s family is originally from North Carolina, but settled in Canada 110 years ago. He takes great pride in his Southern U.S. heritage and displays the Confederate flag on his vehicle, although he’s more reluctant to do so given the intense debate about the controversial symbol, he said.

This marks the end of Human Rights Commissions.  Now that people are aware that they can make complaints free HERE, many will.

Phone them up for anything!

-If you have a micropenis and people laugh at you when you walk around naked at gay pride THAT'S A HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINT.

-Anything Ezra Levant says IS A HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINT.

-If you pass gas in an elevator and someone has a problem with it THAT'S A HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINT.


-Being blinded by the glare coming off of Peter Mansbridge's bald head when you watch the National IS A HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINT.

Act Now:

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