Thanks For Being Regular Readers Simcoe County District School Board!

As you know Hitler/Holocaust had nothing to do with unlearning racism. Little kids learn empathy by picking on redheads, others with freckles, and sometimes blondes. Hitler/Holocaust was about extending that so that guys with dark complexions would have a second childhood and learn to have empathy for homosexuals later in life.

20 million people have died of AIDs worldwide. In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture and blacks went from being moderately cool to being ultra cool.

The homophobia created by AIDs is all too convenient to have made all of this work.

As the suicide rate for blacks went up 50% and 25% for white teens in the early 1990s, that went unreported. Within the past 5 years the media has begun reporting on some suicides. Those stories really speak to adults who are now left wing because they spent high school and university going on and on about people with the help of their new found morality, knowing that they wouldn't lampshade a Jew since they fit in because of the way that they look and therefor have nothing to compensate for.

Considering the vast number of people killed and how school and society fixated on WW2, shouldn't we have trials? For what the Allies did in Nuremberg we could have educators say, "We were just following orders," and then hang them all.

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