NDP Leader Hints At Olivia Chow's Return To Politics!

If early opinion polls mean anything they show that Stephen Harper is tied in support with the NDP. This is a disappointment for many Liberals as they expected Justin Trudeau to be a phenomenon. Harper's 4th election as Tory leader, I'm surprised he hasn't chosen to bow down and hand being interim PM to somebody like Jason Kenney or Rona Ambrose. Meanwhile Justin Trudeau has been hit hard by the Conservatives unleashing attack ads which make him appear fickle and indecisive over Canada's mission against ISIS. And then there's the NDP leader, 35th Leader of the Official Opposition, Douglas Muklair.

While busy crisscrossing the nation trying to get the word out about who he is, Tom Muhujeebar, let a secret slip. He said something like: "I, Darren Mayford, leader of the NDP, am in talks with Olivia Chow who may be interested in running in this election."

I could see Dennis stepping down and letting Olivia Chow take over the NDP as Canadians at least know who she is. I think she was made famous when she did that cameo in the cartoon, 'Family Guy,' or something.

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