How Your School Board Extended Childhood Developmental Psychology To Turn White Kids Gay

Brainwashed America: How did we go from a society where students spent hours in easy classes learning about the holocaust and watching episodes of Seinfeld to a society that's so gay? And after all of the homophobia created by AIDS? A lot of teen suicide went into it and was later covered up by educators saying LGBT youth have the highest suicide rate.

When they Schindler List/Holocaust a high school, there's a lot of pretty white women graduating and going to university but very few good-looking skinny guys with blond hair or with dark hair and freckles. Many of the teachers teaching English and the bird classes are male. They inflate the marks of blonde girls.

Blonde hair makes people feel good about themselves on a subconcious level so guys with dark complexions make egotistical fools out of themselves. Girls like boys with bright hair in elementary school. By the time they're in high school they won't let a boy who looks like a blond Justin Bieber get away with much while they leave alone other boys with dark complexions and those that looked like they got picked on when they were younger.

When a tall boyish blond guy eventually asserts that he's gay it suddenly makes homosexuality more acceptable to the other boys.

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