CBC: Tom Mulcair's NDP Seeks Advice On Preparing To Govern After Election

Emissaries of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair have been quietly seeking the advice of former senior federal bureaucrats on how best to manage the transition from the opposition benches to government, suggesting the party is taking more seriously than ever before the possibility it could win the election Oct. 19.

CBC News has learned the informal discussions have included conversations between trusted New Democrats and former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page and with Alex Himelfarb, once Canada's top bureaucrat as clerk of the Privy Council.

Those consultations started earlier this year and come as the federal public service braces for an election that could be unlike any in recent memory.

Polls are for the first time this summer suggesting a three-way race with the possibility of Mulcair on top and the NDP in government.

It's regular practice for political parties to set up transition teams in advance of an election to plan how to form a government should they win...

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