CBC - To Russia With Love

The CBC recently showed a documentary entitled, 'To Russia With Love,' about all of the homophobia Putin stirred up during the Olympic games and the hardships that it caused all of the fag athletes.

I didn't watch it because I was scared that if I did head CBC fag Rick Mercer would do a cameo saying, "They spent twenty-five years Hitler/Holocausting high school students causing unreported teen suicide so that boys with dark complexions would learn empathy on a subconscious level for a 1990s in the closet fag like me."

The CBC's website says:

Leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, a law banning the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors” was passed in Russia. Gay Olympians were faced with a tough decision: to take a risky stance against the host country...

I remember this created a lot of tension. People in Toronto got so worked up over it that they refused to buy Latvian vodka in protest of Latvia possibly being a city near Moscow.

The Olympics had been in Beijing prior to this. Nobody bothered to go there and try to hand out free copies of LGBT news.

But if there's a country with blond people in it they should be forced to accept downtown Toronto values.

In conclusion the whole thing is like your local school board Hitler/Holocausting LGBT into being to boost non-white students into university. Nobody cares about the Asians because the other students aren't attracted or repulsed by them. That's why they do so well at school.

And meanwhile Ontario's racist high school teachers sent their kids to the whitest schools during Hitler/Holocaust while everybody gets worked up over LGBT in Russia.

Did I mention that Rick Mercer is a fag? Because I knew in 1998 I just didn't want to say anything. I have Peter Mansbridge pegged as an alcoholic who beats his wife, too.

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