With Jews You Lose. The Hollywood Jews, That Is...

What you didn't hear on the CBC when the movie, 'Schindler's List,' came out...

When the movie, 'Schindler's List,' came out people in Kitchener, Ontario, believed that the Germans had gassed nine million people and had factories set up to turn their bodies into lampshades.


When I was a kid in the 1980s the movie, 'E.T.,' made me sick to my stomach. It was probably re-released a number of times throughout the '80s. When I was 8 my class and I went to a theater to see it.

Boys with dark hair and freckles and fat boys often don't get along with girls.

'E.T.,' is a movie about a disgustingly ugly foreigner who can't speak any English. So a boy helps him phone home.

Having freckles when you're 8 is like having bad acne when you're 17. By the time that kids are in grade 5/6 and junior high school they're more mature and don't care who has freckles.

Boys with dark hair and freckles are often inclined to have more empathy for people who don't fit in. Redheads may have empathy for girls who don't fit in because I learned when I was 8 what crazy sadistic bitches popular girls are and that you don't want to mess with them.

When I was in grade 6 and 7 the teacher spent a lot of time going on about stereotypes and that you shouldn't stereotype people. My grade 7 teacher also told dumb blonde jokes.

Most of the black people, Arabs, and South Asians who immigrated to Kitchener in the 1970s lived in the suburbs as the downtown suffered from urban decay throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

There's no doubt that grade 6 and 7 teachers were being told that they wanted the white and Asian kids that lived downtown to forget about stereotypes so that they'd get along with each other before going to school with blacks.

The extent to which black people were bullies or antagonistic in the early 1990s was overplayed by the media. The drug dealer at my high school was Hispanic, the drug dealer in my neighborhood was Vietnamese.

From the time that I graduated from junior high school to when I was in grade 10 it was like America suddenly turned up the volume on black culture. Blacks went from being moderately cool to being super ultra cool.

People go crazy, drop out, or kill themselves because everyone in high school knows different groups who either don't like each other or are oblivious to each other. When they all suddenly turn on you at the same time it's like having several cerebral hemorrhages.

As black guys who didn't fit in dropped out there's no doubt that white students being racist were blamed. If gay students killed themselves white students being homophobic were blamed.

Better looking boys with dark hair and freckles were shunned and people didn't know about it because those doing it played it forward, letting uglier students get away with anything.

The Waterloo County Board of Education did, 'streaming,' in the 1990s with the majority of the blacks in general. In advanced, as students were Hitler/Holocausted to unlearn their racism, many realized that the better looking redhead was gay and that homosexuality was caused by envy.

Boys who fit in became more racist and conservative after learning about the disgusting things the inbred ugly Germans allegedly did to the Jews who were played by people who look Greek and Algerian in the movies.

I went to high school with guys who looked more or less like Justin Bieber and others that looked like Bieber with blond hair. There's so much homophobia in 2004 that talking to people about skinny blond good-looking guys from high school could get you labeled gay.

The school board had to get rid of normal boys with dark hair and freckles and keep the blacks in general so that the good-looking blond guys didn't have any normal friends. With fewer and fewer good-looking blond guys around they started acting weird.

By having what some term in the school board, 'A second childhood,' boys with dark complexions basically stole the developmental psychology of others.

The school boards needed some good-looking blond teens to be openly gay to make homosexuality suddenly socially acceptable after all of the homophobia created by AIDS and to boost minority students into university.

It's probably what's now called, 'White Entitlement,' or, 'White Supremacy.'

For every Aids patient in Germany or Sweden there was six more in America. Here's the reason why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_1970s_American_television_episodes_with_LGBT_themes

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