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Non class? Me? Stupid stuff? Class?

In 1989/1990 the Hollywood Liberals turned up the volume on black culture. Blacks went from being moderately cool to ultra super cool. See:

With their new found coolness black high school students alienated fat black guys or other blacks that didn't fit in.

It's all too convenient that this happened during all of the homophobia that AIDS had created in the 1980s...

It was the secret policy of the school boards that as society became obsessed with Hitler/Holocaust, boys who had dark complexions would take out their aggression on skinny boys who had freckles.

With multiple groups of guys who either didn't know each other or who are oblivious to each other, the black boys who didn't fit in and the boys with freckles lost IQ points, went crazy, or killed themselves with so many ganging up on them.

The photos I put up illustrate what happened to a lot of boys with freckles: http://www.hockey-sweater.com/2015/05/steven-spielberg-kills-kids.html

The people taking apart the boys with freckles often didn't know what they were doing and played it forward by finding it amusing when a fat guy acted gay.

When I was in high school we were constantly told that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage it. That was twenty years ago. Over the past five years they've started reporting on some.

Rick Mercer came out of the closet because the only gay kid in a high school in Ottawa killed himself. He also had red hair.

So in answer to your question Rick Mercer is a fag because he works for the CBC.

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