How Your School Board Got Black Kids Into College

In 1990 America suddenly turned up the volume on black culture. Blacks went from being moderately cool to becoming super ultra cool!

At the same time the TV show, 'Family Matters,' premiered.

Why? It was a boring and pointless show. Far too generic. Then they added somebody... Steve Urkel.

As better looking black male students found themselves with too much attention all of a sudden, they alienated blacks that didn't fit in. And society played it forward, making Urkel a celebrity.

Nerdy and fat black guys dropped out of school, committed suicide, or went crazy as reality warped around them.

But Urkel's rising popularity would be a boon for younger blacks.

As LGBT was being Hitler/Holocausted into existence, Ontario ended streaming in 2000. At my high school they only let the blacks in with university destined students when they finally had some white ones that were openly gay.

Thus proving that Louis Farrakhan is right about a lot of stuff except that terrible third world religion he promotes.

And we should have some sort of Nuremberg trials for educators considering how many children that they've killed.

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