Bruce Jenner Is A Fag!

If you're a former athlete that goes out like this in public and gets awards for it than you have as much entitlement as the black guy with the 20" rims on his car that only hangs around with the other coolest black guys.

This just in: Now that ISIS has proven itself evil they may have won over the respect of the coolest black guys so they're now willing to hang around with particular Arabs.

But nobody cares about the skinny guys with freckles or the fat black guys with glasses who were Hitler/Holocausted to death. The school boards are now trying to take measures for the normal black guys who are sickened by school but the future of Ontario is Arabic/South Asian.

Here's to you Bruce Jenner you trailblazing git.

As Northern Europeans become minorities it's all about homosexuality because White people don't all look the same.
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