Today Is A Historic LGBT Day!

In the 1970s the Hollywood Jews suddenly turned up the volume on homosexuality and gave America AIDS.

In 1989/90 they then suddenly turned up the volume on black culture. With their new found coolness, skinny black boys alienated the fat ones.

Upon realizing that they were Nazis in their past life, the coolest white kids who had made fun of Sikhs growing up dressed up like gangsta rappers and took their infatuations on boys that looked like Justin Bieber but with blond hair out on skinny boys with dark hair and freckles.

Teachers kept saying that they don't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. LGBT youth have the highest suicide rate.

Then many of the Ron Paul supporters who got off figuring out that the best looking fugly redheaded boy was infatuated with the best looking blond guy, started meeting each other on Grindr.

As white liberals move downtown while the suburbs become Islamic, many of the white gangsta rappers of yesteryear can now marry each other: The original homosexuals died a long time ago.

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