A Glitch In The Gay Matrix

A Special Message From Kathleen Wynne...

Hi. I'm Kathleen Wynne. The first openly gay premiere of brainwashed Ontario. I wasn't a lesbian in 1998 but now that it's socially acceptable you people are so mature. Especially in 1998.

After communism fell in Europe all of the homophobia that was floating around got downloaded onto skinny guys with freckles wherever Asians went to high school. That whole thing about Hitler Holocaust was really to jump start the LGBT movement.

It's funny because gay rights was really born out of teen suicide all right.

Now the media is going on about half of homeless youth being LGBT. If you're a good-looking kid from a poorer family who has a girlfriend at 14 you'll get Hitler-Holocausted out of high school when the middle class kids start to learn about how white people are inherently racist but whatever country Jian Ghomeshi is from can't be racist because they all look the same over there.

What's funny is that if your a 60-year-old history teacher the 20-year-old giving you a blow job for $20 is often straighter than you are!

It's like on the TV show, 'Criminal Minds.' They keep saying: "We can't profile teens because they're all a bunch of sociopaths." Ha, the ones your school board are boosting certainly are before they turn 25 or 35 and have to start playing it forward before going insane.

Yup, just keep watching your Jew tube, Ontario.
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