What's Bob Whitaker Saying?

Bob Whitaker is a former professor, journalist, and aide to President Reagen. He currently operates the website, 'Bugs,' where the phrase from the post below originated ("Diversity" is a codeword for White Genocide).

Here's the latest from his blog...

Words or People?

In every area, the United States is moving toward the stagnation of colored countries.

All my earlier life, a certain percentage increase in per capita income was taken as inevitable. This was because technology was steadily moving forward. In fact, any econometrician could probably chart the rate of stagnation by looking at our changing color. The line goes from upward when white, to stagnation and to the steady decline to third world status observed in all brown lands.

Meanwhile, Mommy Professor mentions polls which show the public endorsing the statement ‘The great days of America are past.” MORE

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