The Brown Al Sharpton

The Actor Who Wants to Be ‘the Brown Al Sharpton’ – and the Muslim one too Whenever a celebrity says something that’s perceived to be racist against black people, it seems they’re soon scheduling a trip to visit Al Sharpton to apologize — at least that’s how comedian Aziz Ansari sees it.

But what about “brown people?”

“The problem is, brown people don’t have a guy,” the “Parks and Recreation” actor told Dave Letterman Friday night. “I’m throwing my hat in the ring, I’m the brown Al Sharpton.”

My question is where's the brown guy on TV that doesn't look like a white guy with a dark complexion? I never see any unibrows or hooked noses on prime time. What's with that?

It's like in the movie, 'Charlie Wilson's War' where the Americans are made out to be corrupt and stupid and the Pakistanis resemble a bunch of Rahim Jaffer's.

I think that when Rahim Jaffer gets high on coke and goes to a strip club he likes blonde women. It has something to do with South Asians being so ugly.

And also there's this...

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