Pride Pink

I recently aquired the domain 'Leafs.Blue.' It doesn't do any good that I haven't watched an NHL hockey game since before the strike of 2005.

In 2014 things opened up for domain names. Instead of buying a .Com or a .Net, you could get .Red .Pink, .Blue, or .Black along with 40 or so other top-level domains.

But everyone still wants the prized .Com name so the new domains aren't selling as well as expected.

Now I have Pride.Pink.

But I didn't buy this domain. Instead I stole it.

Last September I was roller blading along one of Toronto's Waterfront trails when I saw Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne sitting on a park bench untying the ribbon of a large gift box.

She said to herself: "I just bought the greatest domain there is."

So I skated up to her and said, "Yoink," as I grabbed the box and made off.

She immediately screamed: "Give me back my domain name!"

So I stopped and turned around and yelled: "No, you stupid bitch!"

She said: "Don't call me a stupid bitch: I'm the Premiere of Ontario. Show some respect."

So I shouted: "You only got to be Premiere because of the Cultural Marxist conspiracy in the school board. Kids were offing themselves like they were Premiere Robarts son."

"I don't know who Premiere Robarts is. I only know Bob Rae and the guy who was Premiere before me! Now give me back my domain name!"

So I said: "No. I'll trade it back to you for a power plant and three of those orange helicopters."

She said: "I can't do that. It would take me 8 months to work something like that out."

Skating off I said: "Talk to me on Flippa."

And now, without any further ado, I present, 'Pride.Pink.'

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