Leafs Blue

I just got the domain, 'Leafs.Blue.'

From a legal perspective I think this now makes me the sole owner of Maple Leaf Gardens.

I'm thinking of turning it back into a hockey stadium. I'll be arriving there this morning with a sledge hammer and some goal nets.

There's one thing that Toronto doesn't have and could use. That's a professional hockey team.

I also have the domain name 'Wolfer.ca,' which is the coolest domain in all of Canada.

I'll be looking at offers to trade it for an American NHL team to move into the Gardens.

There are three teams in California, two in Florida, and one in Arizona. NHL expansion into the US has gotten way out of hand! Things are so ridiculous that even Boston has a team, now.

The largest city in Canada should have a professional hockey team and I'm just going to have to step in to provide one.
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