ISIS Has No Sense Of Humour

VH1, Fox, and a lot of other networks are coming out with naked dating reality shows. And in Japan psychological torture and sadistic game shows continue to draw in audiences.

Not wanting to fall behind the Islamic State is desperately trying to win over viewers but, instead, is leaving them disturbed.

While it's common knowledge that homosexuality runs rampant among Muslim militants, why did ISIS think that throwing an Arab who actually admits he's gay off of a rooftop and then stoning him, make for good TV?

They are slowly beginning to realize that Western audiences would rather watch, 'Wheel of Fortune,' instead of accusing a woman of adultery and then burying her up to her head in sand to throw rocks at her.

It's all about using a video camera to instill a fear of their god into people through murderous violence and it makes for some terrible television!

People worry that video games have warped the minds of a generation of children until they see Arabs using the Koran to try to govern themselves.

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