Elizabeth May's Neo Nazi Ties Exposed!

In doing all of top-notch journalistic research that goes into writing this blog, I've discovered a Canadian conspiracy theory. When I was a kid I was always interested in hearing about all of the little parties that nobody ever votes for.

Eventually they pissed off Jean Chretien so he made it so that people running for Parliament had to put down hard cash. That destroyed the Rhino Party and some others.

Now there's a newer party: The Renaissance Party of North America. They're White Nationalists who predict a Depression because we will run out of oil shortly. When the economy collapses they plan to fragment North America along racial lines. It would go something like this: Blacks would get Detroit, Hispanics would get LA, Asians would get Toronto, Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman would get an Island with a tree on it in the middle of Lake Ontario, and supporters of the Renaissance Party of North America would take most of the farmland.

It's a party that promises free real estate. And, just like the Rhino Party, they are Fascist. Here's a quote from their Leader:

"There is not a bonafide, state-of-the-art, fascist political party in all of North Amerika, quite possibly in the entire English-speaking world. Given existing conditions in the industrialized West, given the evident clarity of LibMod end-times and related rot and decadence, and given the obvious Globalist onslaught and boot coming down hard in all Western countries this state of affairs is not only incredulous; it is ludicrous."

Their leader is named Sebastian Ronin.

There are other little parties around. The two Communist parties, the Marijuana Party, the Pirate Party, and, ofcourse, the Green Party.

The Green Party is headed by none other than Elizabeth May.

What was Sebastian Ronin doing before starting a Fascist party?

This is from Wikipedia...

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