Won't Somebody Think About Richard Warman For Once?

At this very moment a lonely Richard Warman is walking through an Ottawa alleyway kicking a can.

This country's human rights commissions have been too effective in stomping out the rise of Nazism in Canada.

Now you can help Richard Warman by giving him something to do.

For only $17.99 you can get a domain and hosting from NameCheap.com.

Start a website and call it the, 'Neo Nazi Party of Canada.' Be sure to fill it with spinning skulls and Confederate flags. And use phrases like, 'When we convince people that the Holocaust never happened they'll be so outraged they'll want to wipe Israel off of the map for once and for all.'

You don't have to be a real Nazi to do it and your money spent will be going to a good cause. While Richard Warman may feign outrage it will be a real pick-me-up for him. Act now!

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