Welcome Former Ron Paul Supporters!

Some Americans read my blog!

Before Ron Paul retired he had armies of college students supporting him.

If you were a young male Ron Paul supporter you probably had brown hair. You looked like Justin Bieber or were an average looking skinny guy. You had an all-American last name like Blake or Bauer. And while you and your friends had brown hair you asserted that you liked blonde women.

I think it had something to do with Hitler and the Holocaust.

In the 1990s in Canada we had the Reform Party. They didn't ever seem to have any active clubs on campus in Ontario. They were a bunch of stuck up jerks.

Now listen here you Preston Manning wannabe pricks: In the 1990s making jokes about how Leonardo DiCaprio is gay is not OK! He's a German with an Italian last name which may constitute the majority of Americans in 1960 but he also has blond hair which makes him pretty great.

He may be a liberal freak but the reason he is is because when he was 8 he was antagonized by girls and had more female friends because he was so damn good-looking. That 9/11 conspiracy theorist Charlie Sheen wasn't antagonized much and was popular with guys. He never got picked on by Portuguese bullies because he's sorta Poc just sorta like them.

And then it's funny that after Ron Paul retires everyone in America supports gay marriage.

And the biggest asshole you know is the guy who said he liked Ron Paul but five years later voted for Obama.

I, myself, joined the Young Liberals. By 28 I looked like this...

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